About Us

The way you store and transport your medication is crucial to keep their effectiveness. If they are exposed to excessive heat or cold they may lose their potency. We believe that everyone must have adequate and affordable tools to keep medications in the best possible conditions. We harness the power of reliable proven technologies, intuitive design and pharmaceutical know-how to bring you safety and peace of mind.

MedAngel was born from the frustration of Amin (T1 diabetic), after he discovered that his domestic refrigerator accidentally froze his insulin. Millions of people worldwide are knowingly or unknowingly facing this same problem. We are committed to one mission: No one should ever doubt the effectiveness of their medications. 

Gary Broomberg (moveIT Solutions) who is a T2 diabetic on insulin was awarded the distribution rights for Africa by MedAngel. He has 20 years business experience within the African market and resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.